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Sublimation cases,Cases with lanyard,Cases with holder
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What kind of products would be hot in 2021?

Date:2022-10-04View:1243Tags:Sublimation cases,Cases with lanyard,Cases with holder

In 2020,we saw the prevalent eco friendly phone case and crossbody phone case,they became a hot sell product in most markets. but which product it's going to be this year?we believe Antimicrobial products definately is the next trendy product. Like Antimicrobial phone case and Phone uv sterilizer.

For UV sterilizers,they are really populare in US market in march 2020,we sold a lot back then,but other areas seems show less interests in this kind of product. recently we received many inquiries about antimicrobial product in European countries,the on-going pandemic makes people pay more attention on personal hygiene & protection.if a mobile phone uv sterilizer box appears in the market,people will notice that.US market helped us confirmed.

 And the Antimicrobial phone cases,we use mobile phone everyday,it's necessary to keep it clean because many germs & virus exist on it.an antibacterial phone case can be functional to stop germs,Use the case with a UV sterilizer,double security!

 If you are interested in antimicrobial products,please check the product list or contact us,more details will be provided.