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What's Antimicrobial phone case?

Date:2022-10-04View:683Tags:Cases with holder,IMD design case,Silicone clear cases

  Antimicrobial products is rising,even antibacterial phone cases appeared.and i'm sure you have many question about this,i chosed some frequent questions here.

  "What's difference between normal phone case cover and antibacterial mobile cases?"

   Nothing different in the apperance,the anti bacterial covers just looks like normal phone cases,it's antibacterial because the case is mixed an antibacterial material(Mostly from a UK company)

   "How does this material stop germs?"

   Honestly we are not professional in antibacterial area,we imported the material with certifications and test report,so don't need to worry about this.

   "How do you make this anti virus case?"

   We have 2 ways to make this case for now.In short,A.we spray the anti virus material to the phone case directly,so a coat is formed to protect the case.B we add the antibacterial to the phone cases raw materal in production.and most of our customer chose B for its low moq and cheaper price comparing to A.Both method have this advantage.